Being an NBA player in the Orlando bubble can't be easy. While sure, you get to play the sport you love for millions of dollars, you're currently quarantined away from your family with no real idea of when you might return. Not to mention, there is always this impending stress of potentially contracting the Coronavirus. Players throughout the league are learning to cope with this new reality, with some spending time with their kids on Facetime. 

Memphis Grizzlies star rookie Ja Morant is feeling the distance as well, and recently, he made sure to surprise his mom with a gift she's been wishing for. As you can see in the video below, via TMZ, Morant's mom is surprised by a brand new white Audi A8 L. As you can imagine, Morant's mom Jamie was ecstatic as she truly couldn't believe her eyes. 

Ja was on Facetime with his mom the whole time and told her that he wanted to give her something she truly deserved. Clearly, the gesture was very much appreciated.

Meanwhile, Morant and his Grizzlies will be looking to secure the last playoff spot in the Western Conference. They are currently in eighth and need to remain consistent if they want to hold on.