Iman Shumpert is an athlete who is no stranger to the in's and out's of the rap game. Currently holding down a roster spot with the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers, he put out an EP in January of last year that showcased his budding talent as an emcee. With a feature appearance from DC Young Fly, Shumpert may have a future in the music business after his playing days are over. However, during a recent interview with DJ Akademiks and Nadeska Alexis on Everyday Struggle, the conversation turned to another rapper's incredible resemblance to Shumpert: Desiigner

If you're able to do a quick Google image search and put both of their picture side-by-side, there's definitely more than just a trace of one's facial features in the other. As it turns out, the NBA wingman does a bang-on impression of the Brooklyn rapper as well, with an insane attention to detail to the various vocal inflections that the "Panda" emcee is known for speaking with.

"They say you look like me, I look like you. I don't know, but we both look good," mimicked Shumpert, recalling the first time he met Desiigner face-to-face. According to the Cavs player, his rap doppelganger can turn his unique speaking voice on in an instant, even if he "in the middle of a nap." It's a seriously funny impression that I'm sure will have legs beyond this particular interview. However, it wasn't all fun and games (sort of), when Ak steered the chat into more serious basketball territory, wanting to get Shump's take on the Kyrie Irving trade and the drama that supposedly unfolded between him and LeBron.

"This isn't just a Kyrie-LeBron thing, and the media turned it into that for y'all," said Shumpert. "It's two dudes that need the ball [...] If I get the ball so I make sure I can get my 20 a game, that takes away from LeBron's 40 that you want [him] to score," he pointed out. "Someone's got to get the short end."

Watch the entire conversation below.