Every year, thousands of Santa hat-clad drinkers descend on Manhattan to participate in the massive bar crawl known as SantaCon. This year's SantaCon went down on Saturday, less than a week before the scheduled release date of Gucci Mane's The Return of East Atlanta Santa, giving Gucci a perfect opportunity to promote the project by joining the festivities.

Gucci shared footage of his SantaCon experience on social media. Donning a custom "East Atlanta Santa" hat, he merrily greeted bar-goers and handed out free gifts, including red sweaters reading "St. Brickulous" and custom made styrofoam cups.

Gucci Mane's "St. Brick Intro" music video is the best rap Christmas video of 2016 thus far. Watch it if you haven't and check out clips from Gucci's SantaCon experience below.