Michael Jordan will forever be remembered as the greatest player to ever walk onto an NBA court. Whether or not you agree with that statement, there is no denying that he holds an important place within the history of basketball. While we all remember MJ for his days with the Chicago Bulls, there was also a time where he played for the Washington Wizards, although we like to forget that ever happened. At the time of his days in Washington, Kobe Bryant was emerging as one of the best players in the world and Jordan was looking to humble him.

During an episode of the No Chill Podcast, Gilbert Arenas explained how Jordan once told Kobe that he could wear his shoes but would "never fill them." As Arenas explained, this made Kobe so boiling mad that he stopped talking to his teammates for weeks. When the Lakers and Wizards played each other again that same year, Bryant dropped 55 points.

This story is a perfect example of the competitive nature of both Jordan and Bryant, who are two of the best players of all-time. Kobe went on to win five titles which was just one shy of Jordan's totals. Jordan was an idol of Kobe's and to be told by the man himself that you couldn't fill his shoes, must have been tough.

Jordan was always known to be an exceptional trash talker so this particular exchange isn't exactly surprising. Either way, it's always great to hear these stories come to light.