Earlier today, news broke that the Milwaukee Bucks traded their 7 foot 1 center Thon Maker to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for Stanley Johnson. It was a simple trade but it appears as though Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo is reeling from the news. In an interview with Cassidy Hubbarth of ESPN, Antetokounmpo gave his reaction to the fact that Maker is now gone.

“Thon is like my little brother, this one hurts more than any trade that happened that I’ve been a part of but this is the business we work in," he explained. “I talked to Thon, but I didn’t try to talk to him a lot cause I know I would get emotional cause he’s technically my little brother, been with him three years. You know, it’s tough, but he’s a tough guy and this opportunity is going to be good for him.”

Maker was drafted 10th overall by the Bucks back in 2016 but he hasn't been able to get much playing time this season. He averages about 11.7 minutes per game and it is believed that he'll get more of a chance to play in Detroit.

Stay tuned for more trade deadline updates throughout the week.