For Ghostfac Killah fans, the "best album" debate is a heated one. There's the charismatic debut, Ironman, the return-to-form Fishscale, and I've even heard some boom-bap die-hards pull for last year's 12 Reasons To Die in the argument -- but Supreme Clientele, released in 2000, is usually the winner. That's why fans of Tony Starks ' solo work should rejoice in this news: Supreme Clientele 2 is in the works. 

In a n interview with HipHopDX that was posted today, Big Ghost speaks on the upcoming project (tentatively subtitled Blue & Cream). He says: 

“I think I get better at what I do.  learn. You know what I mean? That’s why with the Blue & Cream Supreme Clientele 2 it’s gonna be a whole different ball game, baby. I just gotta hope my samples get cleared. I just don’t got the people on it that I want to get on it because I’ve been doing so much other stuff like that. So, once I can complete that and maybe find a home for it—Cause I haven’t shopped it yet. I’m just doing what I do… It’ll probably be one of the best albums I ever did. After that I’m done with it.”

So with that, it sounds like sample clearance and solidifying the guest list are all that remain, but obviously, those can take a while to complete. Check out the full interview below, and while you're waiting on Supreme Clientele 2, be sure to shake that body (and, while you're at it, party that body).