The Game of Thrones prequel officially began filming and its starting location was revealed to fans who immediately recognize the familiar setting. Film production for the untitled prequel began in Northern Ireland, according to the news outlet Belfast Telegraph. The local media reported on the shooting sites occurring across the province of Belfast. Moreover, CNN contacted HBO to get further details on the matter, but the studio company has yet to comment on any aspects of the series. To note, the show has filmed some of its episodes in Northern parts of Ireland before. For instance, the infamous Red Wedding and the Battle of the Bastards were both filmed in these locations. Nevertheless, we are excited to hear we can expect to settle back into our Game of Thrones frenzy very soon. 

The final season of the Game of Thrones aired almost a month ago today. Both fans and cast members bid their farewell to the series and honored the decade-long effort its formulation entailed. While most cast members were saddened by its end, some were more distraught by it than others. Kit Harrington, who plays character Jon Snow, recently checked into rehab due to mental health issues he experienced ahead of the show's ending.