Game and Shyne continue to beef, with Shyne dropping two diss tracks in a row towards Game, after Game's initial diss track "Cough Up A Lung." Although Game has yet to respond to Shyne's "Bury Judas" in music-form, he did make an appearance on Big Boy's radio show on Power 106, and spoke on Shyne.

Game didn't have very many nice words for his former affiliate. He spoke on Shyne's time in jail changing him, and made fun of his voice and rhyming. "Doing ten years in jail, droppin' soap every day, and being a low-key butt pirate for ten years, it could change your life. You come out a different guy, feeling different, rappin' different," Game said of Shyne Po.

Game proceeded to drop bars in his best Shyne voice, which was actually quite accurate, and made fun of him some more, jokingly comparing him to Floyd Mayweather. "You just can't beat that guy. That's the Floyd Mayweather of rap right there."

He did throw a compliment his way, before sending one more shot. "He used to rhyme pretty good, maybe like '99-2000.That's when he had the voice, that he stole from Big."

Watch the interview where Game mimics Shyne's rapping below.