Game is embroiled in beef again, but this time it isn't a fellow rapper, but a FOX News journalist.  FOX News contributor, the devoutly conservative Michelle Malkin, said some unflattering things on the air about the Compton rapper exploiting the "Jesus" theme of his Jesus Piece LP.  The rapper heard her comments and took exception to the angle she had, and perceived her misinterpretation of the work as "racist". 

This lead to the two exchanging a few barbs on Twitter, and quickly devolved into his followers sending threatening, racist, and mostly flat-out ignorant tweets her way.  The female journalist has responded by retweeting some of these, and Game has called for a boycott of her and the FOX affiliate who broadcasted her remarks. 

Preliminary numbers for Jayceon's fifth studio LP are underwhelming, despite fans and critics offering praise for the project. Check out some of the tweets below, and we will update as the "beef" develops.