At this point, it's well documented that Dwyane Wade is retiring from the NBA after 16 seasons. With three championships under his belt, he's earned the right to hang it up and pursue other avenues. After all, he is a father now and he'd probably like to enjoy some quality time with his daughter Kaavia James. With all this in mind, Thursday will be an emotional night for Wade as he is playing his final home game in Miami. Fans will be coming out in droves for their final chance to see the man in action. Wade is the most significant player in the team's history and they'll want to show support for the guy they've loved all these years.

Wade's wife, actress Gabrielle Union, has been at the majority of Heat games and will most certainly be at the last one on Tuesday. Just like many other Heat fans, Union is known to show up a little late to the arena. When journalist Tim Reynolds tweeted a new rule that all fans must be in their seat by 7 P.M. on the noes, Union replied saying she felt "attacked."