Dreams Worth More Than Money's September 9th release date may be a thing of the past, but that isn't stopping new Meek from finding its way to the internet. Streaming now at 2DopeBoyz, the four new tracks (titled "Am I Wrong," "Stuntin," "Get Clapped," and "Gettin' Money") are presumably off the upcoming LP, but remain unconfirmed by any official sources.

Meek is currently serving time for multiple violations of his parole on a 2009 drug and gun conviction. Rules broken by rapper include posing in pictures while holding a weapon, performing at shows that were not pre-approved by the his parole officer and changing his phone number without informing the required authorities. According to TMZ's initial report, the judge overseeing the case expressed an unwillingness to sentence the rapper, but felt that his hand was forced by the numerous violations. Meek's imprisonment slowed the promotion of his upcoming album, most likely resulting in a delayed release date.

Give the tracks a listen via 2DBZ below.