Stock up on the Mountain Dew and Doritos. Epic Game's Fortnite has officially launched its eighth season, which looks to be yet another colorful and imaginative affair. As they say, when in doubt, throw pirates into the mix. Such rapscallions are timeless. The announcement trailer provides a look at some of the latest developments, triggered by a volcanic eruption on the island. From the look of it, a band of seafaring pirates have touched down, and look to be in conflict with both the Ice King and the Prisoner. In true Fortnite fashion, madness will undoubtedly ensue.

Insofar as gameplay additions, season 8 will bring a few map changes. New locations Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps have been added, while old favourite Risky Reels has returned. In true pirate fashion, the island will also be littered with cannons, which can be used to a variety of effects; most entertainingly, players can load and fire themselves as projectiles, which will likely lead to all manner of hilarious highlights. Check out the official trailer, as well as the new Battle Pass video update, right here. Any Fortnite players on deck?