Fortnite has moved effortlessly through its seasons by offering gamers new and innovative storylines and challenges. It appears as if game developer Epic Games has some more surprises in store for their players. According to data miners and keen-eyed gamers, it has been discerned that the rocket sitting in the villain lair is set to launch next week. Gamers who play Fortnite on the Switch noticed that television screens in the game started a countdown that will end on Tuesday. The latest loading screen also featured an image of the Visitor preparing to launch a rocket. A rocket hologram can also be seen in the supervillain hideout in the game. All these clues prompted data miners to dig deeper. They soon found data hinting at a launch sequence. 

Gamers are eager to see how the rocket launch will change the game. It may change the landscape, or it may be a weapon. If so, Epic Games will need to find a way to make the weapon fair and balanced. Other theories presented by gamers suggest that the rocket will damage the environment, leading to new areas on the map much like the meteor shower from last season. None of these theories have been confirmed though, so gamers will have to wait until Tuesday to find out exactly how the rocket launch will affect the game.