Although it’s December and hip hop artists typically don’t release big projects, fans were treated to two anticipated albums this week in Game’s fifth studio effort Jesus Piece, and Big Boi’s second official solo LP Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors.  Unfortunately, the projections for the two in their first week do not look promising.

Both artists have been promoting their albums heavily and fans have been responding favorably, and perhaps early leaks have affected their retail sales.  Game is projected by HDD to move between 75-80k, which is respectable, but definitely falls short of Interscope’s expectations for his last project with them. 

One half of Outkast is looking bleak with projections coming in at a meager 25-30k.  His partner Andre 3000 was noticeably absent from the album, but there were still plenty of major features.  Perhaps this will lead to Fat Stax applying more pressure on Andre to record another Outkast LP.  Is this a sign of the artists falling off, or did they just choose the wrong time to drop their latest studio albums? 

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[Update: Game's sales increase]

Perhaps due to the holiday shopping season, or maybe related to his spat with FOX reporter Michelle Malkin, but Game's Jesus Piece is now projected to move 85-90k units in its first week.  

Do you attribute this to the feud with Malkin?