Legendary underground hip-hop duo Atmosphere performed in Chicago recently and HNHH was able to catch up with Slug for a quick interview.

Atmosphere, consisting of rapper Slug and DJ/Producer Ant, have been creating music with substance since the early '90s. Slug has consistenly brought a unique perspective and original lyrics and flow to his music since the birth of the group, hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We had to ask Slug about his creative album titles, especially When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint That Shit Gold, released in '08. Slug gave some insight on life's lemons, saying,“I don't think that my lessons are any different than most people, just learning how to navigate community, family, economy, life, like everybody else. None of us really know what we're doing. And I think that's really what it was about. Not so much like, yo, life lessons, but more so, it's just one long path.” He explained, “And more so, just keep positive spirits..nah that's a weird way to say it, just keep your wits about you as you navigate all of this 'lemons' or whatever you wanna call it.”

Slug gives simple advice to fans, saying, “don't lie to people.” He continued, “it's okay to grind and hustle and do your thing, but if you gotta lie to do it, you're doing it backwards.”

Watch our exclusive interview with Slug below.