The other week HotNewHipHop hit up Game’s home in L.A. for an exclusive tour and look into his regular routine. Today, we bring you the second part of the Welcome To My House tour.

In this part of the tour, Game shows HNHH’s Jen DeLeon the rest of his home, including the bathrooms, his children’s rooms, his garage and backyard.

In his garage we get a glimpse at Game’s multiple motorcycles, and Jen helps the rapper name them (the smallest one gets named 40 Glocc "cause anybody could beat that one up!").

Game proceeds to take us to his daughter's room as well as his sons' room, showing us the less "gangster" side of him. "As you can see," he says, "it gets real not-gangster in here."

He also explains naming his two boys Justice and Harlem. "Harlem is ‘cause the first time I went to New York, the first place Jim Jones took me was Harlem. Just simple as that. Plus Harlem was the first Black city in America... Justice, ‘cause, well my son’s name is King Justice, King ‘cause Martin Luther King."

Check out the video below for a closer look into Game’s  home and personal side.

Also make sure to cop Game’s new album, Jesus Piece, out now.