When Russell Westbrook joined the Houston Rockets this season, fans weren't sure how it would work out. Of course, Westbrook played with James Harden in Oklahoma City, although they were much different players at the time. After a few months, Westbrook and Harden got into a rhythm that made other teams fear them. During the early stages of the bubble, it was looking as though the Rockets would be a contender to go out and win it all, however, that quickly came to a close as the Rockets were ousted by the Lakers in just five games during the second round.

Now, many are wondering what the Rockets are going to do next in terms of their roster. During an interview with HoopsHype, one anonymous general manager in the Eastern Conference said the Rockets should actually trade Westbrook and keep Harden aboard.

Russell Westbrook

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

“I wouldn’t move Harden,” the anonymous GM said. “He’s still so good, and they’re too old right now to just start a rebuild unless you’re getting a Jayson Tatum or Luka Doncic to rebuild around. I’d probably run it back in some shape or form, especially with next year being a compressed time period. I would keep all options open, but I wouldn’t be selling Harden just to the highest bidder. In the last two years, they easily could have won it all, so I don’t think it’s fair to panic yet if they lose. Now, if there’s a great deal out there, that’s a different story, but I still think it’s worth riding out one more year. If Westbrook is tradable, get it done.”

This would be a massive move although it begs the question of what kind of agenda this GM had when making this comment. Perhaps it's a GM who desperately wants Westbrook on their team, and now, they are trying to plant seeds. Either way, it's going to be an interesting offseason.