Drake has been a staple at Toronto Raptors games as he can usually be seen sitting courtside during the playoffs. The Canadian-born rapper has been at the majority of the team's home playoff games and last night's match against the Philadelphia 76ers was no different. Unfortunately for Drake, the Raptors lost the game 94-89, with the series being tied up at one game apiece. On Saturday though, the team won Game 1 by a score of 108-95 and were dominant from start to finish.

After that first game, Drake, who is fed up with the media dubbing him a "curse" to any team he supports, decided to ask fans about a curse that is supposedly plaguing the 76ers. 

"What about the Michael Rubin curse? Nobody wants to talk about that? The Michael Rubin curse," Drake exclaimed.

To add some context to these comments, Rubin is a co-owner of the 76ers and has been a big supporter of Meek Mill during his legal battles

As far as a curse is concerned, that might be a bit of a stretch. The 76ers have been playing phenomenal basketball over the last two seasons and finally seem to be out of the slump that plagued them after the Allen Iverson era.

Game 3 of this series will go down on Thursday in Philadelphia.