It seems like every time DMX is in the news it's about some new misfortune. Last we reported on him, in July, he was set to serve 6 months in jail. Now that he's been locked up, his son has taken it upon himself to sell off X's platinum plaques. I'm just gunna go ahead and say smh.

TMZ reports that DMX's son, Xavier, was in need of a little cash to give his struggling music career a boost-- so he's decided to mooch off his father's successes? DMX lived with Xavier and his mom until 2007, and when the rapper was thrown out of the house, he left many a possession behind, including several platinum plaques. Xavier decided to put plaques for two albums, And Then There Was X and Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood on eBay, for $3,000.

Apparently, DMX is pretty pissed. Check a screenshot of the eBay auction above.