DMX is being sued by a booking agency called Heavy Rotation. TMZ reports that the company filed the lawsuit in New York, asking for $630,000 from DMX. 

Supposedly they made a year-long exclusive deal with DMX to book all his shows in 2011, anywhere in the world. However, according to the lawsuit, DMX encountered many legal problems throughout the year, starting with a traffic violation, child support battles etc. which led to a lien on his passport, meaning he wasn't able to travel overseas. Heavy Rotation did their best to fix all of DMX's legal problems, spending a lot of money to cover his bail (almost a hundred grand), child support and all his other legal bills, hoping that it would allow him to go on tour. They also attempted to lift the lien on the rapper's passport.

Even with all their effort though, HR claims DMX continued to cause problems, by hiring outside management to book his shows within the States, thus violating their agreement. As well, X's passport issues remained unsolved, so they had to cancel all his shows.

DMX's manager has a different take on the situation, saying that DMX chose to end his relationship with HR after it put X at risk because of certain business practices.