Diddy claims that it's impossible for a "black man" to be afraid of clowns, explaining that he "has so many so many other things to be fearful of." While Puff played it cool as per usual, Ellen watched coldbloodedly as a Pennywise imposter leaped from a nearby box to scare the mogul. The prank was supereffective, as Diddy shot to his feet, shrieking like he accidentally put a shiny suit in the dryer. His physical responses seemingly took over, rendering him dancing like a bastardized choreography of "Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting."

Ellen can only laugh, seeming to feed off Puff's fear. Some say it is her sustenance, an elixir of youth. "You know I woke up this morning, and I said I want my life to be full of surprises," says Diddy, proceeding to hug Ellen for her contribution to his cause. He soon gets somber, however, as the gravity of the prank settles in. "You really really affected my street cred with that one, right," he says, before breaking character. Check out the footage below.