R. Kelly's camp was left unamused by Dave Chappelle's "Piss On You" skit which clowned the singer over the videotape of him allegedly peeing on an underage girl. In 2019, those jokes would be regarded as distasteful, but when the skit first aired, it was one of the most popular sketches on The Chappelle Show. This left a bad taste in R. Kelly's mouth who, according to Chappelle, sent goons to threaten the comedian during a visit to Chicago.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Dave Chappelle appeared at WeHo Improv Monday night with Chappelle Show co-star, Donell Rawlings. Rawling's initially asked Chappelle if he told the crowd about what. R. Kelly said to him. Chappelle denied that Kellz actually spoke to him personally, but said that the singer's "goons" went to his room and had a few words with him.

"When that sketch came out, we was in Chicago at a Common show and his goons bust in my room -- I don't know if they was his goons, but they sure did like him," Chappelle said. Chappelle went into further detail about how Kellz grilled him about the skit but managed to weasel his way out with his comedic chops.

"He said, 'How you gon' do a video of me peeing on bitches like that?' And I said, '‘How you gonna make a video of you pissing on bitches like that?’ My mind’s telling me no. But you know what? My body’s telling me yes.”

Chappelle's story was initially brought up by the co-creator of The Chappelle Show, Neal Brennan during a visit to the Breakfast Club. He never went into full detail in the way Dave did, but he did reveal that things didn't escalate to violence in any way.