Conor McGregor shocked the world of mixed martial arts today when he took to Twitter to announce his retirement from the sport. The news came as a big surprise but was also met with quite a bit of skeptic cynicism as McGregor has claimed retirement before, although it didn't last long. Last week, we reported that McGregor had actually requested shares in the UFC before accepting another fight. Now that McGregor is calling it quits, some believe he is simply doing it to gain leverage with UFC president Dana White. Those rumors can be put to bed though because White spoke to TMZ Sports about Conor's request and he shut it down fast.

"That's never gonna happen," White said. "Listen, if you want to own a piece of the company, you have to put up the money to buy a piece of the company. That's how it works."

White also spoke about McGregor's retirement and his relationship with the fighter. 

"I've never had a bad conversation with Conor McGregor since he's been in the UFC," White explained adding that he's not worried he'll be able to find another star fighter. "It's part of sports. There will be others."

Most recently, McGregor has been implicated in an alleged sexual assault which reportedly took place in Ireland.