If you've watched Zion Williamson play basketball than you would know that he is an absolute freak of nature. At 6'7" and 292 pounds, Williamson is a dunking machine who has also been able to pick up some pretty impressive blocks and even put a dent in the basketball. He is most likely going to go first overall in the NBA draft this summer and teams are already lining up to try and draft him. Williamson could be the type of player to completely change a franchise's fortunes. While Zion is firmly planted in the world of basketball, the football world has taken notice. Clemson Tigers coach Dabo Swinney appeared on Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski's radio show where he talked about what positions he'd have Zion play if he were on his team.

"I'd put [Williamson] at tight end or wideout or [defensive] end or wherever he wanted to play," Swinney explained. "We might even put him at quarterback."

Of course, the Clemson Tigers won the NCAA football National Championship back in January and Dabo Swinney was dubbed coach of the year. A Tigers team with Zion could make the defending champions even stronger.