Coming into this season, it was pretty clear that the Los Angeles Clippers had a team good enough to go out and win an NBA championship. While players like Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have stayed healthy, the team has continued to bolster their bench by signing brand new players. Before the Coronavirus shutdown, the Clippers had even signed Joakim Noah to a 10-day contract. Now, those contracts are about to expire on June 23rd which means teams have to decide whether or not they keep their 10-day players.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, the Clippers have decided that they will, in fact, be keeping Noah on the roster. The NBA veteran will be locked in with the Clippers until the end of the season.

Noah might not make an immediate impact with the Clippers once he joins the team in Orlando, although if Clippers players start to get injured, Noah will certainly be a key member of the group. As we mentioned, the Clippers have a real shot at making it to the NBA Finals, which means Noah could be on his way to his first NBA title.

Over the next month, it will be interesting to see how this signing really affects the Clippers' chances.