The saga between Rick Ross and Chicago based street gang Gangster Disciples continues.  A video was leaked by the GD where they were demanding that Rozay cut them a check for using their six-pointed symbol, and dropping their leader, Larry Hoover’s name on wax.  This lead to the cancellation of some shows, and eventually the rest of the MMG tour.  Although The Bawse was adamant that this was not the reason for the cancellation, and maintained that he is “a real Boss”. 

Now, TMZ is reporting that Chicago police are investigating the video as to the death threats made at Ricky Ross.  In the video, members of GD make gun-shooting motions and one member says “you gotta cut the check.  We ain’t gonna release this pressure off you until you cut this check,” and at the end of the video adds, “Maybach, Meek Mill, everybody G, nothing personal, but tell your boss, man he gotta get that check boy, cause ya’ll in trouble.”

In an interview with Jamz 99, the Miami rapper said that these threats did not cause him to cancel, and that he had recently been in Chicago and nothing had happened, “I was just in Chicago a week and a half ago, that's the birthplace of the GDs. If I go to Chicago, to handle my business, then I got no problems in North Carolina.”

It will be interesting to see if this continues, and how the MMG leader will react to the rumors and accusations that he is running scared.