Troubled rapper Charles Hamilton has finally reemerged into the public's eye by releasing an open letter discussing his whereabouts and apologizing to his mother.

In the letter, Hamilton also acknowledges his recent stint behind bars.

"If there's any statement I would like to make, I want to grossly apologize to my mother for my treatment of her for the last 7-9 years," he wrote in a letter. "And if we rewind a bit, I owe her about 12 years worth of apologies. I'm not worthy of the acclaim, so I'm not going for it anymore. If there's another song from me, it's not coming from the place it was once being projected from. Maybe jail did teach me a lesson. But I still have no right to treat my mother like she's a stranger. I kinda don't want to be on Facebook anymore after typing such, so if I'm slow to reply, you know why." (Where Is Charles Hamilton)

Hamilton took the time to apologize to his father as well.

"I also would like to apologize to my father for causing such a ruckus while visiting him, as well as a few other personal goings on," he added. "I let smoke get the best of me. A rarity in my world (looks over shoulder), but indeed, I overdid it. So here's the low down on the new music. Written is 2 albums, and the final L Word. "My Heart" is out of my hands (get it now?), and one of the albums has a really deep title... F*ck it. "Hamilton" ... I will not comment on any artist(s), because I'm not in a space to say anything about them. Therefore, wait until you hear the new music to hear what I really ahve to say. I hate the color orange. If you've been to jail, you know why." (Where Is Charles Hamilton)

Last January, the rapper reportedly posted bail and was released from a Cleveland jail.

Charles Hamilton posted $25,000 bail and was released from jail on Wednesday, January 26. He was referred to a psychiatric earlier last month and as of Monday, has been confined to mental treatment for the time being. The rapper was charged with resisting arrest and assault, stemming from a December 10 incident with police in Cleveland, Ohio. [via Cuyahoga County Clerks Of Courts] (Complex)

Earlier in the month, Hamilton was reportedly placed under medical watch.

Hamilton is still in Cleveland county jail for a felony assault charge from last month, but today (January 4) the troubled rapper was in court, where he was referred to a psychiatric clinic. A clerk for the Cayuga County Court of Common Pleas confirmed with that Hamilton will be evaluated by the court's psychiatric facility to see if he is competent to stand trial in the case. He will not receive another court date until the report comes back. The clerk says that usually doesn't come for a couple of weeks. (XXL Mag)