Charles Barkley has been a harsh critic over the years and as a former player, he certainly has the right to go as hard as he does. Barkley has a wide variety of targets throughout the NBA including the Philadelphia 76ers and Houston Rockets. Barkley has made sure to keep his foot on the neck of James Harden and Russell Westbrook, much to their dismay. Without a real center or big man, Barkley has even more reason to be critical of the Rockets and on Thursday morning, he let his true feelings known.

During a radio hit on ESPN's The Dan LeBetard Show with Stugotz, Barkley was brutally honest about the Rockets and their new era of small ball basketball. As you're going to hear, Barkley had some strong words about all of it. 

"I don't think you're going to win with putting a little bunch of leprechauns out there," Barkley said. While Barkley doesn't care for the Rockets size, there is no denying the team is playing well right now. They are fighting for fourth in the Western Conference and have a real shot at doing some damage in the postseason. 

If they were to go to the NBA Finals, Barkley would certainly have some explaining to do.