Chance the Rapper is kind of like another famous Chicagoan in that he loves Ralph Lauren clothing. It comes to no surprise then that the rapper linked up with the brand for a special digital performance that was filmed at the Ralph Lauren flagship store in Chance's hometown. 

"Music and fashion to me have always been interlinked," Chance said in a statement about the performance. "Ralph Lauren has always been one of my favorite designers, right by my side for some of my favorite moments in my career and personal life. This intimate virtual concert ties together all the greatest events of my life and allows me to sing about them the way I always wanted to."

The performance was preceded by a unique gimmick. Fans were able to lounge in an interactive virtual reality waiting room that was accessible via a Snapchat filter. Users could explore a virtual Ralph Lauren space furnished with design elements that reference milestones in Chance's career and even unlock new outfit options for their Bitmojis designed by Chance himself. 

If fans can take anything away from the performance, it's that Chance clearly misses being onstage. He packed enough emotion and power in his vocal performance that even watching the performance on YouTube doesn't take away from his magnetic stage presence.

You can stream the performance below. What are your thoughts on the rising trend of livestream performances?