During the height of the Cassidy and Meek Mill beef, another Philly rapper weighed in.  Ar-Abposted a 40 minute video testimonial on Youtube where he basically sided with Meek and made some strong allegations against Cass.  Besides challenging his street credibility, he alleged that Cassidy caught a charge for rape.  Now in response, the Hustla gives the latest on his view on the MMG rapper, and addresses the strong charges from Ar-Ab, claiming they are untrue.

In regards to his view on Meek, Cassidy says he has no plans to fire more shots if the Philadelphia rising talent no longer goes at him, “If [Meek] don’t answer back or say nothin’ else or influence me to keep goin’ at him, I’ma just do what I do.” Stating that he has many projects to focus on besides this beef, “I got a lot of projects I’m workin’ on, my next album, my next mixtape. I got a lot of music that’s about to drop so I can stick to that but who knows what he gon’ do.”

Later in his interview with Glocawear Radio, the Mayhem Music rapper says Ar-Ab was embellishing, and that he was not convicted of sexual assault. 

A rather candid Cassidy had this to say to defend himself, explaining how he was not convicted: “One of the things I definitely want to clear up is that they said I need to claim a rape case. When I was 16, there was a chick we was training every day from my school. Me and all my homies was messin’ with her, trainin’ her all the time.  She came straight from school, came to our way. We had her for a long period of time and took her home probably at like 10 o’clock at night. She probably got in trouble with her mom and said we raped her. But her mom found out that she was dealin’ with us and sent a statement in, saying that she don’t want to press charges and she don’t want to go no further. But because Philly a commonwealth state, the state picked it up anyway. The way I was able to beat the case was because we made it into a porno. We had it on tape. They was able to see how it was goin’ down…That’s how I was able to beat the case.”

[Via AHH]