Carmelo Anthony has been one of the NBA's biggest enigmas over the last few years but now, he is finally getting a time to shine. There was a time when people thought Melo was completely washed and would never be able to keep going in the NBA. In the end, these fears turned out to be for nothing as he signed a contract with the Portland Trail Blazers and is mounting a pretty incredible comeback

Last night, Melo had arguably one of his best games as a member of the Blazers. He scored 23 points and 8 rebounds while also notching two steals and three blocks. After the game, Melo spoke about how he's always been proficient on defense although the media has suppressed this reality from the masses.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

“I’ve always done it. I think people just pick and choose what they want to talk about and what they want to highlight,” Anthony said per Jason Quick of The Athletic. “But this has always been me. Now it’s just being, I don’t know, broadcast a little bit more now that I’m here. But that’s always been me, being vocal like that.”

For now, it seems like Melo could be in a position to extend his career by a few years which would certainly be huge for the league. If you're a Carmelo fan, you have to be excited about this comeback.