Though Blueface has yet to drop off a debut studio album, the offbeat wonder has been building anticipation like never before. He's already received co-signs from several prominent plays, and "Thotiana" proved to be somewhat of a breakout hit, prompting remixes and challenges rivaled only by 2018's "Who Run It" revival. In any case, the West Coast rapper is on the verge of hitting ubiquity, and now he's ready to bring his sound to an entirely different market. If you've been wondering if and when Blueface would deliver a ukelele remix of "Bleed The Chicken," consider your wishes answered. 

Yesterday, Blueface posted a video of himself and ukulele player Einer Banks holding it down with a reimagining of "Bleed The Chicken," a title disturbingly rich in euphemistic imagery. As Banks plays the main riff (which sounds an awful lot like The East Flatbush Project & Des' "Tried By 12,", Blueface inquires about the pressing questions in life, IE, where's the meat? While the answers have yet to be found, those appreciative of imaginative acoustic remixes may find some passing joy through this video. Check it out below, and see for yourself.