Blu, MED & Madlib - Knock Knock Feat. MF Doom

  September 23, 2015 15:27
Knock Knock
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MF Doom kicks a guest verse on the first "Bad Neighbor" single "Knock Knock."

The talented trio of Madlib, Blu, and MED just announced that they're linking up for a new album called Bad Neighbor due out next month.

With this promising announcement came the album's first single, "Knock Knock," which features a verse from the gawd MF Doom. Madlib and MF Doom's 2004 joint album Madvillainy is a hip hop classic, and "Knock Knock" follows very much in that funky, abstract vein.

“Doom’s verse was the interesting one,” MED told Rolling Stone. “Doom’s concept was that it’s a text message. He text messages me while I’m not home, so he comes to my house anyway and starts borrowing all kinds of shit, you know, villain-style … going to my house, drinking my beers, going through my DVDs.”

Quotable Lyrics

Wolf, get that whole car pulled
Push, Joe Barnes broke bully on the boulevard
Shook like white sugar with her clothes off
And cook like white bricks for the fix



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