To be honest, I did not even realize Blockbuster still existed. The movie and video game rental service was one of the most popular stores in the 90's and early 00's. Then, Netflix moved from the physical world into the digital world and everything began to change. Soon, streaming became the most convenient and efficient way for consumers to attain entertainment. Slowly but surely, Blockbuster began to fade away like Thanos performed the "Snap" on all of the store's locations. Now, there is only one left. 

According to Anchorage Daily Newsthe last two Blockbuster locations in Alaska are closing down. One location on DeBarr Road in Anchorage and another store in Fairbank will be closing down on Monday. The two stores will reopen on Tuesday in an effort to sell their remaining stock. The sale will continue until August, or until everything is sold out. Now that the two locations in Alaska are retiring, that leaves only one store left. The last survivor, which will probably be made into a museum of the 90's one day, is located in Bend, Oregon. Maybe, Blockbuster should have hopped on the streaming train along with Amazon, Apple, and other companies that decided to step into the new age.