Blac Youngsta Gets Deep In His "Venting" Video

Aron A.
September 04, 2017 19:52

Blac Youngsta gets somethings off his chest with "Venting."

Blac Youngsta is one of those rappers that many either love or hate. His controversial antics outside and within hip hop has made him a polarizing figure within the culture. However, he's previously stated that he's an entertainer and with that, his job is to entertain people. As he dropped his "I'm Innocent" mixtape recently, he comes back with the strong visuals for the TM-88 produced "Venting" that show another side of his theatrical skills.

The video opens up with Blac Youngsta in a mental health hospital where he's seen in the dark sipping cough syrup out the bottle before a doctor comes to talk to him about his progress. The video predominantly takes place in the room inside the mental health hospital after the doctor tells him instead of being released that day, he'd have to stay another week. 

It's a strong video that addresses the serious issue of mental health. While Blac Youngsta has been known for his theatrics within his music videos and often using parody and satire as well, this one takes a serious turn. He uses less his location but the colors to convey the story. At one point, he's rapping to the camera with blue, red and white lights bouncing off of him. The song itself has Youngsta reflecting on the things that he's witnessed and been through in his life that have had an impact on the person he is today. He shows an introspective side of himself that's not necessarily highlighted as often. It's a great visual that has Blac Youngsta continuing to show his abilities as an actor.

While "Venting" is the latest single off of I'm Innocent, he recently announced that his F*ck Everybody 2 mixtape is on the way right now. So it's safe to say that Blac Youngsta definitely has much more in the cut that he's gearing up to drop in the near future.

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