Sometimes, a Bird must chase the sun to escape the impending cold. The same is also true of a Birdman. You may have heard that the Cash Money Mogul has set his sights on sunny California, taking his industrious endeavors on the road. As it happens, he's already been keeping busy, having officially signed Cash Money West's first artist, Savii 3rd.

"Cause I just wanna put all the bullshit I had behind me," he explains to XXL. "Leave all that behind me, get all the mess behind me and we move forward. Business is timing." Clearly, the widely publicized and undeniably ugly split from Lil Weezy is among the "bullshit" he's alluding too; while the masses have come to unify behind Wayne, it's been difficult to discern Birdman's feelings about the departure. Though he remains a man of few words, it seems like the fallout did leave him feeling out of sorts. After all, one does not simply pack up and leave unless truly willing to hit the reset button.

Still, leave it to Birdman to keep hustling regardless of home turf. "We make stars over here. I'm on the coast embracing young talent. We just trying to build our brand stronger with this new talent," he explains, before shifting conversation to his latest signee Saviii 3rd. He reveals he initially discovered Savii through his "partner" Wack100, and describes feeling an instant connection upon hearing the young rapper. "When I met him I talked to him and within four days it was done. I didn't want to gamble with him, I ain't wanna play with it. I wanted to make sure he [was] straight give him a bag and we just gon' work."

For more from Birdman, who seems to be in the middle of a second-wind, peep the full interview courtesy of XXL