Big Lenbo Takes To The Streets For "Stupid" Visuals

Mitch Findlay
June 06, 2018 17:15

Big Lenbo talks to the fans for his new visuals for "Stupid."

One day removed from the drop of visuals for the Strange Days track "Dimensions," Big Lenbo is back with another contribution from the project; it's almost as if the man is preparing an anthology of sorts. This time around, Lenbo's "Stupid" foregoes the animation route, as the rapper opts to take to the streets for a bit of guerrilla research. Throughout the video, he takes the time to interview pedestrians, where he proceeds to subject his music to the court of public opinion. The results seem to be almost universally positive; Lenbo even includes a few choice soundbites for flavor.

"It's good, it makes me feel excited, happy," says one satisfied customer. "Makes me want to dance, that's for sure." Clearly, the young woman enjoys getting down to the sound of gritty lyricism. Respect. One woman goes so far as to say it'll be played at weddings, leaving us wondering what type of union she has in mind. To be fair, there's a strong chance Lenbo is simply having a go at viewers, merely presenting the illusion that his own music is the topic of discussion. Either way, shout out to Lenbo for this one; a clever concept through and through.

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