Surely one of the most talked about new stories of the year, the "elevator incident" that occurred between Jay Z, Beyoncé and Solange has been met with some skepticism lately, as Bey mentioned it in passing on her recent "Flawless" remix as if it wasn't a big deal. Now Mathew Knowles, the father of Beyoncé and Solange, is also hinting that this event was fabricated in order to boost "On The Run" tour and album sales.

Speaking with 104.1 KRBE, Knowles said: “[They needed something to] ignite that tour. It’s called a Jedi mind trick. A Jedi mind trick fools you a lot of the time. [Snaps fingers] All I know is everyone is talking about it. Ticket sales went up, Solange’s album sales went up 200 percent…”

Watch the interview below, and let us know your personal theories about the elevator incident in the comments section.