Becky Lynch is not one to mince words so it's not surprising that she would have a pretty strong stance on the possibility that Rob Gronkowski might join the WWE. Gronkowski just announced his retirement from football this past week and there have been rumors swirling around the wrestling world that he might want to take his big personality to the ring. There is even a possibility we could see him at Wrestlemania on April 7th. TMZ Sports caught up with Lynch and asked her about Gronk. Her response was quite telling.

"Some of us almost get fired and have to work our way and scratch and claw, and then we come to the main event," Lynch said. "Other people are like here you go, here's your debut match at Wrestlemania ... see you at Wrestlemania."

Lynch offered another sarcastic comment, implying that Gronk would be given everything on a silver platter.

"Wouldn't that be nice to never have done anything in wrestling and just go into Wrestlemania? I would love that," Lynch remarked.

It's obvious that Lynch would feel pretty slighted if Gronkowski did, in fact, make his way over to the WWE. Although that's probably a good thing as it would prove to create some great storylines.