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For those unaware, Russell W. Howard is a Pennsylvanian rapper, actor, producer, DJ and drummer who dabbles in film and television as well as hip-hop, alternative and pop music. Throughout his career, he's collaborated with the likes of Freckles, Jon Connor, Nipsey Hussle, Raekwon, Chase, Ryan Brahms, Murdah Baby, Young Simmons, Chris Taylor Brown and more, also having appeared in such television shows as Boston Public and CSI: Miami. The last we heard of Russell was his February 2012 mixtape Beautiful Distraction, which was hosted by DJ Ill Will and featured guest appearances from Freddie Gibbs, Chris Taylor, Sito, Ali Pierre, Genesis, Joe Gates and more. His previous tapes include 30 Seconds Flat (2010) and Price To Pay (2011). Stay tuned for updates on his career, y'all.

Facts Only

  • He started drumming at the age of seven.
  • Russel started producing beats at the age of eleven on a TR808.
  • As far as rap goes, NWA and Public Enemy are his biggest influences.
  • Russell made his acting debut on the television show "Half & Half".
  • Russell was discovered by Ruffhouse CEO Chris Swartz when he was fifteen.
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