Due to COVID-19, we didn't get to see too many great movies come out this year. If you are a big film buff, there were probably some standouts although, for the general public, it feels like there wasn't a lot to appreciate this year, even if there were some incredible performances in the films that have, indeed, been nominated. Despite all of this, the Oscars will be taking place tonight which is certainly an unusual time of year to be hosting the event.

This is no ordinary year and the Academy is well-aware of this. In fact, the musical performances will only take place before the Oscars and they will all have been taped earlier. These artists are all nominated for best original song and they include the likes of H.E.R, Laura Pausini, Leslie Odom Jr., Daniel Pemberton, Diane Warren, Celeste, and Molly Sandén.


Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

If you want to watch these performances, you will be able to do so as of 6:30 PM EST on ABC or streaming services such as fubo TV and Sling TV. As for the actual award ceremony, that will start at 8 PM EST and can be viewed at the aforementioned locations above.

Let us know which movies and performances were your favorites of the year.


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