Game Talks On "Jesus Piece" & Kendrick Lamar Name Change

Game talks about the themes behind "Jesus Piece" how it represents him as a person who goes to church and strip clubs. He also says that he told Kendrick Lamar to change his name.

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The Documentary is one of the best debut albums from a West Coast rapper, and these days, after the release of Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city everybody is talking about West Coast hip hop.  Game has been one of the very strong vocal supporters of GKMC, and in an interview with Complex says that he is the one that suggest K.Dot change his rapping moniker to “Kendrick Lamar”. 

Game also talked about the themes in his upcoming Jesus Piece album how it reveals him as a complete person, “I got songs on there that talk about my experience when I'm in church... I smoke weed. I drink. I go to strip clubs. I have fun in my life but I still believe in God.”

Check out excerpts from Game’s interview below.  His album Jesus Piece is slated for a December 11th release date.

On his album Jesus Piece

I like the fact that everything is sort of floating around. I just come out the mouth with all things I can give you without blowing the lid on the handle. Number one, the best album out to me is Nas’ Life Is Good. I’m still going through Cruel Summer and feeling it out. I’m only three tracks in, like really putting my ear to it. So I’ll get through that and put it up against Life Is Good and we’ll see what it does, but I think Jesus Piecewill be the best album of the year.

The album is simply like this, man. We wear Jesus pieces, right? We be rocking Jesus pieces. We be iced out. We don’t necessarily have a relationship with Jesus. I don’t even know if people wear Jesus pieces really believe in Jesus all the time. I just think that it’s become a trend in hip-hop and that’s what we do. I got into that and breaking that down and saying, "How you going to spend $50,000 on a Jesus piece but you won’t go to church and put $100 and paid your ties?” What are we doing out here?

I got songs on there that talk about my experience when I'm in church. I go to church. I believe in God. I believe in Christ. I sit there. I take in the sermon. I got a Bible with my name on it that my girl got me a long time ago. I got another one that my grandma got me a long time ago and I don’t necessarily read it every day. I take it to church with me but I be sitting there looking around thinking like, "Man, half of these people don’t know better than me."

I smoke weed. I drink. I go to strip clubs. I have fun in my life but I still believe in God. So basically, in church, it's a bunch of hypocrites sometimes and people there sinning just as much as people outside the church. It’s about that.

On Kendrick Lamar's name change:

Kendrick came a long way. I watched him from the beginning all the way to now. I helped him get into that Dr. Dre school. I remember talking to K. Dot in my crib and telling him, "They're not going to recognize you. They're going to be like, 'What is a K.Dot?’" I told him to change his name to Kendrick Lamar. The best thing I've ever told him, he did. He listened. He’s always been a student of hip-hop as well a good listener and a dope lyricist.

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