The concentration of artists at SXSW allowed Nardwuar to schedule a fuckload of interviews, and now he’s rolling them out one per day. His latest victim: Sonny Digital.

Nardwuar started the interview by giving Sonny a beat machine coloring book and asking him about his high school group, his experiences with shrooms, and his daily Smoothie King habit. The conversation then segued to Sonny’s trip to Nigeria, where his Dad built an impressive house equipped with a gate, marble floors, a servant’s quarters out back, and bulletproof doors. Sonny recalled the gruesome story of watching a cow get slaughtered in the front yard.

Nardwuar concluded by asking Sonny why people should care about him. Sonny’s response: “Because I started a lot a lot of your favorite artists’ careers. Favorite artists and producers, let’s keep it real. You can ask them, these are solidified facts. I just didn’t get the credit for it, but I’m here to tell y’all what’s going on.

Watch the full interview below and revisit HNHH’s 2016 interview with Sonny Digital.

Sonny Digital

Sonny Digital Tells Nardwuar About His Visit To Nigeria