It doesn't matter that Tekashi 6ix9ine is currently serving hard time for some potentially life-altering charges. No, no, not to a Houston Judge, who sat presiding over 6ix9ine's long active "Mall Assault" case. You might remember that 6ix9ine previously caught a charge after assaulting a young fan in a Houston mall, after said fan allegedly called him a "gay ice cream truck." Unfortunately for Tekashi, the case ended up proving to be a thorn in his side, especially after it led to his arrest in New York. As it stands, the case continues to cause him problems to this day.

TMZ confirms that a Houston Judge has officially issued an arrest warrant for the young rapper, after he proved unable to attend his court date in Houston. Obviously, 6ix9ine had a viable reason for missing the hearing, of which the judge proved fully aware. Still, it mattered not, and the arrest warrant was issued as per protocol. It's unclear whether or this the warrant ultimately holds any water given the circumstances, though it's a testament to the fact that the system is absolutely set on burying the rainbow wonder once and for all.

In truth, we kind of miss the little guy. What about you?