TikTok Pickup Artist Posts Video Featuring Bianca Censori

Ye’s wife appeared in a recent viral video.

BYBen Mock
TikTok Pickup Artist Posts Video Featuring Bianca Censori

Google lists the profession of "Gratefulboy Nue", aka Nueskii, as "musical artist". While it's true that Nueskii does have a few songs out, that's not what he's primarily known for. A quick search leads you to a TikTok with 203,000 followers created in August 2022. Here, Nueskii posts videos of him attempting to pick up women. The account also links to a YouTube channel with 10,000 subscribers that also includes prank videos alongside the pickup artist content.

The pickup artist content creator is a relic of the 2010s, when men posting this genre of content were a dime a dozen. However, the trend found new life on TikTok. While Nueskii's content is generic for the genre, albeit successful for the creator, one of his latest videos has gone viral due to the woman featured.

Bianca Censori Appears In Neuskii Video

On May 19, Nueskii posted a video with the caption "Yea Married To Kanye 🤨." The 26-second video, seemingly filmed in a mall, appears to feature Bianca Censori, the current wife of Ye. The video is fairly bland, with Neuskii opening with the killer pickup line, "Yeah you're sexy yo" (men, take notes). The two talk about where they are from. Bianca says she's from LA and Nueskii replies that he's from Chicago. Bianca asks what Nueskii is doing, saying there is a "pair of shorts" she wants to look at. Nueskii replies "Yeah" disinterestedly as Bianca's phone goes off before abruptly asking "Can I get your number?." Bianca laughs politely and replies "I'm marrieeeed" just before the video ends.

As mentioned, the video is only notable because of who Nueskii has run into. However, people in the comments of the video are convinced that there is more to the video. They base this conclusion on how "friendly" Bianca comes across in the video. Firstly, some people are just naturally very friendly. Furthermore, the burden of personal public safety for women is incredibly high. Acting in a calm and friendly manner when a male stranger shoves a phone in your face and starts hitting on you is often a way in which women behave to ensure that the individual in question does not escalate the situation. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes a pickup artist harassing a famous person is just a pickup artist harassing a famous person.


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