LeBron James has been chasing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s scoring record for a minute now. Overall, this is one of those records that was certainly going to catapult him past Michael Jordan, at least in some people’s eyes. This is one of those records that you have to respect, and James was inching closer and closer throughout the season. Moreover, over the past few weeks, there has been an abundance of fanfare in regard to this record. People wanted to see him break it, and there were all sorts of takes on when he would be able to get it done.

This week, the Lakers were set to play the Oklahoma City Thunder, as well as the Milwaukee Bucks. Last night was the game against the Thunder, and he needed 36 points to eclipse the record set by Kareem. However, 36 is six points above LeBron’s season average, so there was this sense that he would get close but would ultimately break it on Thursday. Although, LeBron clearly had other plans as he surpassed everyone’s expectations.

LeBron James Does It

In the video clip above, you can see James break the record in spectacular fashion. Following a 20-point first half, James went off in the third quarter and nabbed 16 points to break the record. Consequently, the game was halted so that James could get his flowers. Overall, it was a truly beautiful moment, and you can tell that it all meant a lot to LeBron. His family was in attendance, and they could not have been happier for him. Additionally, the Crypto.com Arena was on its feet the entire time, and it made for a spectacular atmosphere. Unfortunately, the Lakers lost the game in the end, which ultimately put a damper on the event.

Regardless, LeBron is now the NBA’s all-time leading scorer. Furthermore, he has made it clear that he has a few years left in him. That means he will likely retire with over 40,000 points to his name. It’s safe to say that his record will not be beaten for a very long time. Perhaps it will even stand for 40 years, just like Kareem’s did. Let us know what you thought of LeBron’s record, in the comments down below.