After hitting some legal troubles that found 600Breezy potentially facing up to ten years in prison, the rapper has released a statement to Fake Shore Drive. While nobody seems to have any concrete evidence on when Breezy will be getting out, conflicting reports suggest anywhere from a month, a year, to the full ten years. The man himself spoke briefly, and his positive outlook suggested that perhaps an ideal resolution will indeed be met.

I did receive 10 year prison sentence (soft), from my probation being revoked because the state requested it and the judge agreed based on me smoking weed while on 5 year probation case dating back to 2012 in   Waterloo Iowa / Blackhawk County. my current efforts are to stay positive & prepare to assist my team in a early release. This was my fault, I apologize for the  disrespect the system felt, but I did not harm anyone or catch any new cases. All my fees are paid & I just wanted to be release to travel the world and move my kids out of Chicago.  FOREVER Grateful for my Team, My Tt. ,Rita Lee, Ghazi. & My Big Bro Drake



Breezy’s IG has also been popping off with the #FreeBreezy movement, and the rapper shared two phone messages for concerned fans. Even Minister Louis Farrakhan ended up sending a team to bolster the incarcerated Breezy’s spirits.


600Breezy Issues Statement On His Recent Arrest