PDX rapper Aminé scored a spot on the new XXL Freshman cover on the strength of his debut single “Caroline,” which peaked at #11 on the Billboard Hot 100. Unlike a guy like Khalid, who released his debut album American Teen not too long after he blew up off “Location,” Aminé has been selective about putting out fresh music. Although it does seem like he’s now ramping up towards a new project: less than a month after he shared the fantastic “Heebiejeebies” feat. Kehlani, he returns with another R&B-inflected track called “Turf.”

Listen to “Turf” on all digital platforms and buy it on iTunes.

Quotable Lyrics

Walking on the pavement I check my pride and my teeth on
The girl I grew up with lives a couple houses down
The 8 Bus run the same, dogs howl when the train
Comes like me ex girl and next girl
Used to rock the S curl