Kweku Collins, a new signee of the Closed Sessions imprint based in Chicago, impressed us with his very first release “Start A Fire” last month. Today he hit us with his second release since signing, the inspirational “Your Song.” As Kweku writes on his Soundcloud, he wants you to take the title literally. “If you sing it, sing it like you mean it. Say these words like you believe them. They’re yours. Own them,” he says.

The production comes from Odd Couple, who has produced for plenty of Chi-town upstarts, including Alex Wiley, Mick Jenkins, Lucki Eck$ and more. 

Download “Your Song,” and keep an eye out for this dude.

Quotable Lyrics

He ain’t think his partners ever got him
He believes he the cause of every problem
He ain’t speak but the pain inside him does
Tell a lie, say the world be fine without him
He believe in the power of his heart
But he thinks everybody has the power