Back in the day, Charles Barkley used to have one of the worst golf swings in recorded history. Oftentimes, his swing was the subject of scrutiny online as Barkley would show up to numerous celebrity tournaments and showcase one of the most horrendous swings we have truly ever seen. 

In the YouTube video down below, you can see how Barkley stops his swing halfway through and then after a couple of seconds, continues his follow-through. This made for some pretty pathetic shots, and Barkley quickly realized he needed help. After some much needed coaching, Barkley has since fixed his swing, and now, he is a much better golf player.

The latest former NBA player to be exposed for having a bad swing is none other than Jalen Rose. As you can see in the clip below, posted by Rose himself, his swing needs a whole lot of work. Rose was playing at the Ally Challenge Celebrity Shootout at Warwick Hills Golf and Country Club in Michigan, Rose missed the ball at the 17th hole about five times, which led to some hilarious cheers and jeers from the crowd.

Eventually, the legendary Jack Nicklaus came out and showed Rose exactly how it’s done. This kind of coaching is what Rose needed, although now, it is up to Jalen to keep this all in mind the next time he hits the course.

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